DXB Chile is a company dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of consumer products, mainly oriented market of toys and sporting goods, both domestically and abroad.

Our main thrust is to sell products through retail. We have 4 business lines with which we cover the markets of Chile, Peru, Argentina and Colombia.

Toys: DXB has a plastic injection plant with more than 800 molds of all kinds of toys and various sizes. Additionally, our toy line is complemented with toy imports from the East. We are 7 years for licensees of Disney products for the Chilean market toys.

Sports: DXB Today has a large range of sporting goods such as bicycles and accessories, sporting goods and camping end. Marketing is done through private labels as direct productions RAVE or retail customers.

Promotional Products For both retail customers as well as large enterprises in other branches, offer all kinds of product that is optimal to boost sales. It is also possible to associate a license for each product specified. In our office we have assembled a product showroom with samples of each of the business lines.

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